I began my adventure with photography several years ago, however I was on the other side of the lens. The world of image fascinated me ever since. I watched photographers and their creators, admiring the way they can close the elusiveness in a picture. I was interested in a human not only the one who poses but also the one who creates. For a long time I remained only an observer until a sudden impulse caused that I found the courage to take a job as a photographer.

Now photography is my great passion. Thanks to it I explore and feel deeper. I prefer a positive and lifestyle photography. Freedom, relaxation, smile and fun are areas which I prefer the most. Everyday life is a never-ending source of optimistic images. It is worth discovering them. Images fixed in a photograph are as an amulet-they carry a load of good energy. Currently I am mainly absorbed by creating works intended for a commercial use. I cooperate with iStock by Getty Images agency. I am also a co-founder of Kukka Pff and owner of Studio w Domu, in which I regularly do bigger photographic projects. On a daily basis I make individual, group, kids, family and business sessions, and all others in which the main theme is a human.

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Portraits 16+